Thursday, 12 November 2015

Taipei Crazy House : A clean & convenient Airbnb in Ximending Taipei

I am still having my post holiday blues even am back from my Taipei trip for almost a month now. Missing the weather, the environment, the food and most of all the bubble milk tea from 50 Lan (can someone please bring in this bubble milk tea to Malaysia? please please pleaseeeeeee) To me, it is better than Chatime and Gongcha and whatever bubble milk tea that you can find in Malaysia. Yes, that's how good it is! Btw, am a fan of bubble milk tea. So when ppl ask " Are you a coffee person?" I will reply '' More like a bubble milk tea person '' hahah Oops I apologize, I just got carried away when I mentioned about this bubble milk tea as I miss it so badly *sob*

Anyway, in this post I will share about this airbnb that I stayed for 5nights during my trip to Taipei last month. This is my second experience staying in an airbnb. The first one was during my trip in Hong Kong early this year which I did not take any photos of the room at all. I wonder why hmm... Here are the reasons why I choose to stay in an airbnb over a hotel;
1. Cheaper
2. Feels like home
3. Nicely decorated with unique touch
4. Save time (no check in or check out procedures)
5. Since it feels like home, I dont feel afraid like I would if I stay in a hotel (fear of ghosts phobia)

I normally only looks for two criteria when choosing an accommodation; Cleanliness & Convenience
As this is my first time in Taipei, it is important to stay somewhere that is convenient. It only took me 7 minutes walk from Ximen Station and I didn't feel the distance at all as the whole street to the airbnb is line up with so many restaurants and shops and it is pretty happening in the evening till late. There is this Watson outlet that opens 24hours is just a few steps away. 7-11 and 24hours McDonalds are just 3 minutes walk away from the airbnb. That is how convenient it is!

And for the cleanliness, i give them a full 10 out of 10. Here are some of the pictures taken in the room. This room that i stayed is without windows. There are some bigger rooms with windows which of course the rate will be higher.

Personally i love the simplicity of the design. I just feel really comfortable when i step in, feel very much like home. Their furniture are mostly from Ikea and im a fan of Ikea!

And i superb love the bathroom, the colour and the design are just what i wish to have at home. Too bad all three of the bathrooms at my home are not possible for a shower screen to be installed due to some bad architectural planning from the developer fml.

My first experience staying in an airbnb was in Hong Kong and there was no housekeeping service which i thought it is normal staying in an airbnb. But this airbnb in Taipei, even there is no housekeeping to tidy the bed and clean the room, the staff came to change our towel and empty our dustbin everyday which is a bonus.

This is the corridor of the airbnb. Bright and clean. The room that i stayed located at 2nd floor. I stayed at the 1st room (01) at the right end of this picture below.

This door (room 10) in the picture below belongs to a bigger room with window which is facing the busy street of Ximending.

They even provide a cold and hot water dispenser which is convenient for coffee / tea making or some late night supper for cup noodles lovers.

More pictures of the beautiful corridor.

This picture below is the main door. The lift to the ground floor is right outside of this door. This door can only be opened from the outside with a sensor key. So i was given a total of  3 keys, room key, this main door sensor key, and the key to the metal door at ground floor.

They do provide washing machine and dryer as well which i did not use during my stay. I find this very useful for those who like to stay longer and do not wish to bring too many clothes.

I paid a total of RM1287 for 5 nights which if divided by two, it only costs RM643.50 per person. With such convenient location, i find this airbnb pretty worth the price I paid. I will love to stay here again and i will definitely recommend this to whoever that looking to stay around Ximending.

Here is the link for those who are interested.

Check out this listing on Airbnb, 西門町Ximending(205號房)2人房 5 min to MRT -

Hope this helps and thanks for reading! :-)