Thursday, 2 October 2014

How My Skin Change As I Age

Turning 30 soon is not fun especially for us, women. One of the reason why is we started to notice changes on our hair, skin and body in an undesirable way. As some or most of us care about our look more than anything else, ageing has become a big concern for the generation now. Some even started using anti aging products before they hit their 20's.

I am just one of the many women, turning 30 in a year time do bother me when I started to notice visible changes especially on my skin although I get compliments on my not bad skin for someone at my age. I am glad that I am one of those who blessed with acne free skin but definitely not the one with the perfect skin. I have large pores (even larger as I age) and my nose is filled with blackheads. My skin type is normal with a slightly oily t-zone. I used to have very oily skin where I have to carry oil blotter everywhere I go. But now the oil secretion seems to be in control. It might due to the right products that I am using or my skin is producing less oil as I age. I currently do not own any mattifying make up products as I prefer a little shine on my face. It somehow makes me look glowy which is the sign of youthful, healthy skin. I addicted to anything that spells the word anti-aging, firming or lifting. They are my best friends now!

What are the visible changes that I notice?
  • Dark circles plus fine lines under the eyes
  • Larger pores
  • Laugh lines visible even when I am not smiling
  • Little dark spots on the cheeks
  • Forehead lines when my eyebrows are raised (yes, I actually notice this too)
  • Uneven skin texture especially on the forehead
  • Pimples that pop out once in a while leave scars that take longer time to fade
Here is a brief introduction on my skin condition if you would like to know as most of the posts that I am going to share will focus more on anti-aging products and how i care for my skin, hair and body so that it helps to keep me looking my best. What are the beauty concerns that you have as you age?

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